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Digital Infrastructure Lab, Inc.

Date of Establishment
May 20, 2022
TAF Kyobashi Building 8F, 
1-19-4 Kyobashi, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
Board Member
Board Member
Masayoshi Kosugi
Koichi Usami
Yoshiaki Kawaguchi
Satoshi Komura
Asset management
Other real estate-related services
Licenses, etc.
Financial Instruments Business Operator Registration Director of Kanto Local Finance Bureau (Kinsho) No. 3373
(Type II financial instruments business, investment advisory and agency business)
Organization for business
Japan Investment Advisers Association
Type II Financial Instruments Firms Association

Profile of Board Members


Masayoshi Kosugi

During his early stage of business life, he was responsible for designing, real estate development, construction management, proposing effective utilization of land, sales of real estate, building / property management, etc. in Haseko Group. During his career in Haseko Group, he had a chance to engage in real estate appraisal at the Real Estate Department of Mitsui Trust Bank (currently Sumitomo Mitsui Trust Bank).

Moved to ORIX Corporation in 1999 and established the servicer division. During stay in servicer division, he was mainly engaged in investment business to non-performing loan owned by Mega Bank, etc. in collaboration with the foreign investment funds. He experienced asset management and servicing operations such as liquidation and structured finance, which were still unfamiliar in Japan at the time.

After that, he moved to the joint venture between Moore Capital and SVP Global, a major US hedge fund, in Japan. Engaged in the investment to non-performing loan, real estate and corporate turnover related specialized in Japan. Contributed to eliminating the burden of bad loan, appeared in the late 90s, in banks by the investment of JPY several hundreds of billions. After the liquidation of the joint venture, he continued to work for SVP Global and engaged in real estate investment business.

In 2007, he was appointed as the representative director of a domestic independent asset management company, and also serves as the representative of the subsidiary responsible for debt collection. Focused on asset management and credit risk management / collection of debt of investment real estate handled by major investment funds, office buildings, condominiums, healthcare related facilities, distribution facilities and commercial facilities. In August 2011, established Cedar Crest Japan Co., Ltd, by using the money from opportunity investment fund, for the purpose of regional revitalization, corporate revitalization, business support for social welfare and earthquake disaster reconstruction, and for providing comprehensive consulting and management services.

Graduated from the Faculty of Law, Kobe University. A real estate appraiser, first-class architect, and residential land and building trader.

Born in Osaka, 1963.

Koichi Usami

After graduating from university in 1986, he joined Recruit Co. Ltd. Responsible for planning sales and production in the human resources business section. Recruit's revenue mainly came from paper-based information magazines (from advertising service) however digitization of information magazines became a must in the latter 1990s. Contributed to the establishment of the product line and supply chain of the production department under the digitization of recruitment media (Rikunabi, Rikunabi NEXT).

After that, joined Works Corporation, whose business domain is to promote digital skills of professional creators (graphics design, video production, product designers), as a director, and was in charge of the editorial department and sales department. Responsible for publishment of monthly magazines and books and planning & promotion of certification business for evaluating the skills of professional creators.

In 2007, joined Medics Co., Ltd., which runs a digital marketing business, as a director. Achieved sales and profit growth for eight consecutive years in charge of the sales department. He also serves as a new business manager, and studied a power-saving and high-spec data center business in cold regions.

In April 2015, established Data Dock Co., Ltd. as an in-house venture and became the representative. He built a data center in Nagaoka City, Niigata Prefecture, which has the highest specifications in Japan and the latest cooling system (utilization of snow cooling heat) (completed in January 2018). Its high DC function was highly evaluated by NVIDIA, a global company that leads automated driving systems, and was selected as the "DGX-Ready Data Center", an NVIDIA official data center. In addition, the air-conditioning system utilizing natural energy was evaluated, and the registration to the "J-credit system project" was approved for the first time as a data center.

In 2021, transferred the data center business, and became the director of the new business promotion office and the general manager of the management division as a director of Medics Co., Ltd. As a new business, advocating an asset management business specializing in digital infrastructure in collaboration with Cedar Crest Japan Co., Ltd.

Graduated from Hitotsubashi University Faculty of Commerce. Belonged to the American football club of the athletic club during university days.

Born in Ibaraki prefecture, 1963.

Yoshiaki Kawaguchi

Experienced a summer internship program at McKinsey & Company in 1984, which led him to increase his interest in business rather than science. After completing his master's degree in 1986, joined Kirin Brewery Company, R&D section. After working for R&D department, he was transferred to the factory, where he was responsible for production management. Firstly introduced “Just In Time system” to the equipment industry.

In 1990, he took a leave of absence from Kirin Brewery to study at Carnegie Mellon University Business School in the United States at his own expense. Built global network and mastered Finance and Information System there.

After getting MBA, joined the Industrial Bank of Japan in 1992 with the ambitious of investing or loan to promising technologies. After working for four years in corporate business section, moved to the Credit risk management Department, where he conducted corporate analysis / industry research and advisory business (member of the Securities Analysts Association of Japan).Coverage industries were IT, automotive, metal processing, and others.

Later, as the youngest member of the turnaround team, he was transferred from a bank to a general construction company. During this time, he acquired and registered as a licensed real estate transaction manager in order to enhance his knowledge in the real estate field.

In 2003, moved to IT equipment manufacturing company, listed in the Tokyo Stock Exchange. as a Finance manager.Responsible for all aspects of the company's financing, including M&A, subsidiary management, and fund procurement, and also actively fought with compliance issues.The company was trying to be involved in the circular transaction which was growing in the IT industry. He found the problem and helped the company by avoiding a huge loss by rejecting the solicitation of transactions.

In 2005, moved to Sumitomo Corporation, where he focused on the field of internal control and internal audit for 7 years after establishing the infrastructure for M&A promotion and risk management. During this period, he led the Singapore team and conducted internal audits in Asia and Oceania for 4 years. At the same time, he built up business network of local contacts in the region. Prepared a support system for business expansion in Asia for Japanese companies, which concern about market shrink due to population decline in Japan.

In 2020, established Investigate Co. Ltd., which supports the investment, internal control, and overseas business expansion of Japanese companies.

Bachelor and Master degree in Chemical Engineering of Tokyo Institute of Technology. M.B.A. from Carnegie Mellon University.A member of the Athletic Association's Shorinji Kempo Club (4th dan in Shorinji Kempo).

Born in Hiroshima Prefecture, 1960.

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