News & Topics OpenAI’s Revolutionary Video Generation AI “Sora”: Comprehensive Explanation from Capabilities to Examples, Pricing, and Applications.


OpenAI’s Revolutionary Video Generation AI “Sora”: Comprehensive Explanation from Capabilities to Examples, Pricing, and Applications.

In February 2024, OpenAI, famous for Chat GPT, announced a new video generation AI named “Sora”. As of April 2024, however, “Sora” is not yet available to the general public, and its pricing details remain undisclosed.

“Sora” is a next-generation AI system that builds upon OpenAI’s large-scale language model, GPT-4, with further enhancements.

With just a simple instruction, it can easily create high-quality videos up to one minute long.

While video generation AIs existed before, they could only produce videos of a few seconds, making “Sora” superior in both length and quality.

The launch of “Sora”, equipped with GPT-4, is undoubtedly set to significantly impact the world.

This article will provide a detailed introduction to the video generation AI “Sora”, including its overview, pricing, user experience, and applications.


Examples of “Sora” Creations


The following videos are actual examples created by “Sora”:

  1. Balloon Head Prompt: Sunny, our balloon-headed boy, embodies the blue sky feeling of boundless potential that we felt when we first began using the tool. Our heads filled with so many ideas, it felt like they might POP.


  1. Gold Record Bullying Prompt: Exploring space-time with Sora. This isn’t going to replace the filmmaking process, rather, it’s offering an entirely new way of thinking about it. Not restricted by time, money, or other people’s permission, I can ideate and experiment in bold and exciting ways.


Pricing of “Sora”


As of April 2024, the pricing structure for “Sora” after its public release has not yet been announced. However, based on previous patterns like Ghat-GPT, it is likely that both free and paid versions will be released, with more advanced features available only in the paid version. Initially, all features might be offered for free, with some becoming paid later on.


Applications of “Sora”


The potential future applications of “Sora” include:

  1. Movies and animation videos

  2. Virtual reality (VR) experiences

  3. Educational explanatory videos and tutorials

  4. Breaking news and weather forecasts

  5. Product promotion videos

  6. Short videos for social media

  7. Personalized message videos

  8. Virtual tour videos for real estate properties

  9. Virtual event videos like fashion shows

  10. Automated editing of sports highlights and commentary videos

  11. Simulation videos in the medical and scientific fields

  12. Documentary videos about historical events and figures

  13. Music videos and live performance videos

  14. Video manuals for automobiles and household appliances

  15. Visualization and reporting videos of stock market and financial data

  16. Presentation videos for architectural and interior design

  17. Emergency evacuation routes and safety procedure videos

  18. Language learning conversation scene videos

  19. Customized videos for personal memories and anniversaries


These are just examples, but the ease of creating videos can cater to viewer demographics and needs, allowing for the creation of original videos. The ability to easily produce virtual imagery, which used to be costly, will likely be a major advantage.


Video Generation AI and Data Centers


Plans for new data centers dedicated to generation AI are being announced in succession. Given the large data capacity required for easily creating videos, the demand for data centers is expected to continue growing.